Once Upon a Time GIF response post

Belle in her yellow dress

"Help, help! We’re dying!"

Slapping Gaston’s sword away

Rumps reaction to being called a beast

Telling Regina off


I’m a difficult man to love

Throwing her into a dungeon

"That was a quip!"

Spinning on a magical wheel while a servant lady climbs random ladders in the background

Belle laughing at Rumpel’s joke

Belle rolling her eyes at Rumpel

Rumpel catching her

Awkward shifting around

I’ll get used to it

Belle staring at his butt as he walks away

Duct tape and rope

David being to absorbed in his own annoying problems to notice something off

Belle following Rumps around the table in a completely obvious cut to a scene halfway through and realizing that means there was some Rumbelle we didn’t get to see

Belle staring at his butt again

Talking about Rump’s son

Teasing Belle

Gaston turned into a flower

The fact that a lot of Gaston’s scenes were obviously cut

Giving the flower to Belle

Belle’s awesome speech about being brave and how it totally mirrored Rumps desire to be brave and heroic

Letting Belle go!!

Kidnapping people like a boss

Queenie shows up

Master or lover? Oh, master and lover

Rumpel waiting for Belle at the window like a lost puppy and then trying to run down the stairs in those leather pants

"You know you’re happy to see me!" Shoulder touch! Thigh touch!!! Omg!


Turning into a man!

Sudden freaking out! He’s freaking out, man!!

"This means it’s true love!"

Gold getting downright dirty on that dude

Violent outburst of guilt and anger! And cane beatings! “You were her father!”

Oh no! Two freakouts intercut together!

He spares her cup!! 


"I don’t want you anymore"

Belle totally standing up to him and telling him exactly what he needs to hear because THAT’S what you do when you love someone

"All you’ll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup"

OMG! He’s not going after her! He knows he’s wrong but he’s not going after her!!

Emma mocking him in the jail cell

The queen again

Power struggle

"Do you have what I want?"


*shaky breath of relief*

He’s giving up his upper hand for a cup. He wouldn’t give up his power for Belle before, but now he is. For a cup. 

Dangling cup out of reach

Cradling cup

"I still have the power"

"We shall see"

"She’s dead"

"You’re lying"

"Am I?"

Cup! And crying!!!!!

Regina’s got her locked away!

Belle can come back!

Concerning B plot:

MM and David being stupid at separate tables

Girls’ night out/whining about their terrible lives

David giving MM the wrong card

And, perhaps, most important: 

Those leather pants

Overall, for some reason, this gif sums up my feelings about this entire episode